Why play?

  Learn to play with your life, with your questions, with your friends, with your children, with your lovers, with your ideas, but most importantly learn to play with yourself too. When you play well, you slowly realise you live well.  Just remember it’s just a play, not a conquest or competition to win. When […]

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Rebuilding the world

A father was trying to read the newspaper, but his little son kept pestering him. Finally, the father grew tired of this and, tearing a page from the newspaper – one that bore a map of the world – he cut it into several pieces and handed them to his son. ‘Right, now you’ve got […]

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1 day at a time…

All leaders, artists, moms, dads and young lads, at times fall. And when we fall our mind does either of two things. It gets filled with reactivity or it moves to forced passivity. But among the best whom i have coached, i learnt, they have this unique ability to take things one day at a […]

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4 reasons why you must develop Mentoring Culture in your organization

As an OD specialist & facilitator of Mentor Development Initiatives in large and medium organizations like Tieto, Amdocs and many other global organizations, am often faced with the question on relevance of developing a Mentoring Culture in global organizations. Having led more than hundred Leadership & Mentoring labs for close to a thousand Sr. Executives […]

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Path to Clarity

“You must read, you must persevere, you must sit up nights, you must inquire, and exert the utmost power of your mind. If one way does not lead to the desired meaning, take another; if obstacles arise, then still uanother; until, if your strength holds out, you will find that clear which at first looked […]

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Work NoW

Work while you have the light. You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you. – Henri Frederic Amiel

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Women Leaders hold the key

In my last 12 years of work as a Leadership Facilitator, I have come to a conclusion. Till the time “real women” (not those who have become like men n suit n tie) take charge, corporate India would suck badly. When I visit organizations, all I see is scared men (not all but mostly scared). […]

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