At the heart of our work at RedWisdom, there are 3 principles

A. Focus on the essentials

B. A meaningful dialogue is what a group needs to evolve to solve problems and reach newer level of understanding of each other.

C. Learning and leading can be fun and can be turned into play for better learning results and ensuring longer learning retention and integration moments.

In all our Leadership Labs and facilitation or coaching work, play is an important element fused in. We use dramatics, dance, dialogue tools, and many other experiential tools designed exclusively for our customers. Innovation in program delivery is what we often get appreciated by all of our customers.

Here are some pics and which i remembered to get a copy of, which mostly i forget đŸ™‚

Learning a new skill :-)

photo11photo14 photo13photo9photo4




Pic of Directing Innovation

Some old memories for assignement “Directing Innovation intervention” for AMDOCS. With the team of Directors & Sr. VPs.


A team gathering together for a “fire walk experience”. Its fun how we reconnect to our innocence while working together.


A silent venue before the magic begins…


A silent beginning at a Leadership Intervention…


A lill massage does wonders while learning and inquiring together about how to lead the future đŸ˜‰


You can create possibilities any ways that you want…sitting, lying down, standing & meditating as well đŸ™‚

Another reason why people love these programs is they can just be themselves leaving their tight jacketed persona at offices. And coming together to think through some important questions about the future.

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