Mentioned below are some of the clients, I have consulted & engaged with as a Director & Lead Facilitator of Red Wisdom. Please go through the brief descriptions below to get an insight into the breadth and depth of the services offered and Results Delivered CONSISTENTLY FOR SOME CLIENTS EVEN FOR 7 YEARS. 

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For Siemens, we conducted Leadership Labs (and still engaged with after 2 years long partnership) with the objective of bringing the diverse teams together and create alignment for the large size project ahead. Key themes that were focused on were Resolving Conflicts, Respecting each others leadership Styles, Recognizing and celebrating individual and team brilliance and fostering connection and harmony across different stages of team relationships with each other. Very well supported by Mr Dalip Puri. VP, Human Resources – India & ASEAN, Siemens and Mr. David Rajesh, VP Service Delivery. Siemens Industry Software (India) Pvt Ltd

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For Tieto, we design and deliver, Leadership Labs for both their mid level managers and sr management as well for over 3 years. RedWisdom has also partnered with Tieto on their Mentoring Intervention Program right from design to final successful delivery of the same. And RedWisdom is now an active partner in enabling Tieto to foster the culture of learning together by harmonizing relationships theme as a part of their Tieto Global Leadership Program.

In 2007, we were invited to Amdocs to conduct Leadership Management Course which can help align the Senior Leadership Expectations with Project Managers of Amdocs India. This is a 4 day, intensive Leadership Inquiry programs. Today they are one of the longest and most sought after programs in Amdocs even after 6 years after its commencement. This is again a long-term engagement spanning last 6 years and continuing further. The intervention constantly gets updated and raised to the next level by ensuring a constant feedback loop between participants, Amdocs OD team, Management & RedWisdom.

Having seen successful implementation of LMC in AMDOCS India center, RedWisdom was invited to create and deliver Innovation Management Program for India center. The purpose was to foster innovation culture across the organization. So I jumped in, designed and delivered Innovation Interventions for Sr. Management teams which was called Driving Innovation coupled with a detailed Innovation Nurture programs for potential and identified innovators within the organization. Both were received with loads of appreciation and amazing results.


We have engaged with 3D PLM for a Synergy lab, in helping them facilitate a successful acquisition of a banglore based technology firm. This was a 2 day retreat with tight focus on creating a win-win partnership post the delicate merger situation. RedWisdom was applauded for the smooth facilitation of their live concerns, fear and potential conflict area. In the words of 3DPLM CEO, a job of the whole year got done in 2 days, thanks to RedWisdom team and Raj for his miraculously smooth facilitation of such a sensitive topic. 

Following are some of out old customers for whom i have served as a facilitator for different programs and interventions.


During my tenure with GE, I was certified by John F. Welch Leadership Development Center, better known as “Crotonville,” in different programs like Building Essential Leadership Skills, Coaching Skills, Facilitation Skills, Mentoring, Conflict Management, Change Management etc. I have delivered these programs for different GE businesses spread across India.

At Deutche, I was invited through an associate partner to conduct Conflict Management and Expectation Alignment exercise between Sr. Management team and new Indian Operations. Using Appreciative Inquiry as a key tool, the whole intervention delivered successful results as expected by the organization. This intervention touched upon many critical and sensitive topics that were at the heart of the conflict.

At IDBI, I have been associated for various interventions for Employee Development Programs. Cultivating Healthy Work Culture, Balancing Work and Life, Developing personal effectiveness etc.

One of the critical assignment was to help implement a change management initiative after IDBI bank acquired an old indian bank with different work culture than that of IDBI. The key challenge was to help employees from both sides assimilate organize wide changes without loosing focus and morale. This intervention was a great success and many Sr. executives personally felt it to be a truly paradigm shifting exercise.

I have consulted with KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd., on Project Management and Leadership issues since 2006. And have successfully created systems and interventions to help the new managers transform into leadership roles. This engagement is more than two years and still continuing. More than 200 Project Managers of KPIT have gone through this program. KPIT Learning & OD team has found this to be one of the most consistently effective intervention by Raj Mali Consulting.

I was invited at SKODA india plant, during a post lock out period through one of Mint’s old associate partner, SevenEighths. It was a delicate situation of managing the reengagement of old workers who had walked out after the Lock Out. The assignment was to identify grass root level issues and offer solutions that can help SKODA avoid similar situations in the future. The assignment was delivered in record time of one month with stunning success that ensured a win-win between management and workers.

Tata AIG had started the innovation drive across the enterprise in 2008. I was  invited through one of our associate partners to help clarify the Innovation Management Process for select few senior product managers of TATA AIG.

Apart from this, for TATA AIG I haver delivered many interventions on Building Personal Effectiveness across different locations pan india.


SKF, I had designed and executed Mentoring initiatives for  to Sr. Plant Managers and Executives, facilitating and training them in critical skills like Appreciative Inquiry, Mentoring Skills, Key Counseling Skills etc.

Apart from this, for some of my its select associates, I have also conducted Leadership development, Team engagement & Conflict Management programs for companies like CAP Gemini, Syntel, Hero Honda, SBI, Indian Oil corporation, ABN Amro bank, BNP Paribas and many more.

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