Raj has been working as a Coach & Facilitator for both Individuals as well as Organisations.

Over last 12 years, Raj worked with countless individuals for different purposes from Relationship Transitions to Career Change to Seeking inner clarity to design a life that works and matters. So for data protection and confidentiality reasons can’t mention all the names here

However, if you want to talk to someone Raj has worked with in recent past, drop him a line at or text on +91-98906-33623

Mentioned below are some of the clients, he has consulted & engaged with, over 12 years, as a Director & Lead Facilitator of Red Wisdom.

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  1. haren says:

    Hi Raj,
    You will remember that even before having seen this website, during the chat i told you i found you to be intriguiging. Well, after going through this, the curiosity has increased to know you more as a person and hopefully learn few things about life. look forward to be in touch. Godspeed to you

  2. an interesting mix of clients … all the best and may you enlighten many more in the corporate world!

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