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Raj & Team Red Wisdom have worked with a large no. of clients in designing and delivering Focused Facilitation Interventions for Sr. Leadership Teams .

The value that is added is seen and appreciated by his clients because of his focus on balancing both Business & HR perspectives.

Red Wisdom Facilitation Programs designed and delivered in last 15 years

1. Leadership Development labs

2. New leader induction programs

3. Live Conflict Management (Issue based, Functional Conflict among Departments, Conflicts between competitive Business Units part of the same organization)

4. Red Wisdom Synch Model of Leading and working with teams

5. Strategy Meets

6. Teaming Labs

7. Deep Dialogue Forum Retreats

8. Leading in Turbulent Times

Facilitating conversation in a group is also a high leverage leadership skill. Hence many a times Raj conducts programs on coaching and training Sr. Executives in Facilitation Skills too.

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