The reason we call it facilitation and not training because it is truly facilitation and not training. 🙂

Facilitation pic1

Raj & Team Red Wisdom have worked with a large no. of clients in designing and delivering Focused Facilitation Interventions for Sr. Leadership Teams on themes of Leadership Development, Conflict Resolution, Developing Leaders presence etc.

The value that is added is seen and appreciated by his clients because of his focus on balancing both Business & HR perspectives. Being in touch with day to day realities faced by Operations and uncovering gentle, small possibilities that can make a long-term, positive difference is the secret of his successful facilitation and coaching practice.

Over last 1o years, as a co-founder of Red Wisdom, Raj has developed customized sessions with specific focus on the following…

1. Leadership Development

2. New leader induction programs

3. Live Conflict Management (Issue based, Functional Conflict among Departments, Conflicts between competitive Business Units part of the same organization)

4. Red Wisdom Synch Model of Leading and working with teams

5. Strategy Meets

6. Teaming up (Getting a new team to bond deeply with each other on common shared values, discovering and accepting each others values and eccentricities in a safe space which has a positive impact on the project delivery)

7. Dialogue Retreats ( This is based on teaching Appreciative Inquiry to participants and creating a future that is informed by the positive memories of the past)

8. Leading in Turbulent Times

How we approach it?

Step 1. Brief from HR or OD team coupled with respective Business Heads regarding the issue faced or purpose and objective of the intervention. Defining some outcomes at the outset.

Step 2. Creating a detailed Intervention Design

Step 3. Moving through a back and forth of mails and calls to create a mutually agreeable Intervention Design

Step 4. Delivering the intervention

Step 5. Creating a robust feedback mechanism to ensure results and perfecting the intervention for next time if needed

In case of AI & OD consulting projects

Step 6. Synthesizing feedback

Step 7. Presentation to Sr. Management about the findings

Step 8. Working with OD, HR, Operations or relevant teams to integrate new practices, possibilities and processes

Facilitation Framework Backbone : Our method behind our magical sometimes maddeningly stunning delivery

a. Systemic (not systematic) Understanding of the Issue

b. Process Thinking (Studying process definitions & process purposes impacting or creating the issue

c. Subtle & implicit Paradigms involved, which are at the heart of the issue

d. Pause (this gives us strength to hold on and not jump to a reactionary quick fix, we successfully pass it on to participants)

e. Experiential Processes (This enables participants to see and feel the impact of their innocent, well meaning unconscious actions and thinking which is resulting in the core issue at hand)

f. Appreciative Inquiry (To dig for the goodness that lies below huge debris of contradictory data and group experience)

Facilitating conversation in a group is also a high leverage leadership activity, and hence many a times Raj conducts programs on coaching and training Sr. Executives in Facilitation Skills too.

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