Women Leaders hold the key

20121002-010222.jpgIn my last 12 years of work as a Leadership Facilitator, I have come to a conclusion. Till the time “real women” (not those who have become like men n suit n tie) take charge, corporate India would suck badly. When I visit organizations, all I see is scared men (not all but mostly scared). Scared of their bosses. Scared of the system, scared of some stupid policy. But in all this chaos, I have met some powerful women who truely shine and make a difference. Some of them I would like to mention below
A. Manisha my biz partner. Most powerful leader I have ever witnessed n worked with
B. Lynett – Director Amdocs, HR. Who trusted us with their Sr. Leadership Work
C. Shambhavi SharmaFounder of Splendid. A woman who stood and still stands shoulder to shoulder in mans world n still does the needful.
And I can go on and on.

What I noticed about these women is there pure fearlessness. At times, I have seen many Sr folks shittin in their pants in front of their seniors but these women have stood their grounds very powerfully.

And I honestly feel that transformational change can happen when “real” women take charge of boardroom standing shoulder to shoulder with “real men”. I know it’s difficult but in last few years we have seen amazing results ever since we made this our priority.

If you are a woman and reading this, my only urge to you is.

“Hey woman. Rule the world. Man needs to learn from you how to run a family, community n this world.

Just make sure, you don’t follow men in their footsteps, you follow ur heart.
That’s the best way to lead. Wishing you more power.”  

This Red Poem is dedicated to the most powerful woman of my life, my business partner and a fellow walker on journey of life, Manisha. She is one natural leader, i learnt most of my difficult leadership lessons from. Lessons of transcending fear, lessons of being yourself unabashedly, lessons of being fearless when it comes of love and work, lessons of building a team and a family on threads of mutual compassion, love and deep respect for each others gifts. I will be honest, this woman taught me Authentic Leadership and at Red Wisdom though our clients never get to see her, i would like you to know that she is the source of undying inspiration for all that we do and create for organizations, families, communities and people at large. We both stand for the same vision. Inspiring organizations and communities to bring in more love and harmony to the process of creating genuine value for each other.

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