Inspiring & facilitating new paradigms in Leadership, Coaching & OD

Thanks for dropping by. Am Raj Mali. Co-founder of Red Wisdom. A Pune based OD consulting firm, with a specific focus on Leadership Development & Executive Coaching.

Me and my partner, Manisha Belvalkar started this company with a simple vision of supporting organization to inspire and generate Authentic Leaders, who can lead with balance of Head & Heart.

What we do is…

1. Inspiring and facilitating new leadership paradigms which balance head and heart without compromising on bottom line.

2. Bringing forth power of clarity, balance and awareness to everything an organization or leader does.

3. Doing  & Delivering point 1 & 2 with “extreme” simplicity. 🙂

With each engagement, whether its about OD or Leadership or Coaching, my effort is to bring forth power of balance, clarity & simplicity in all aspects. Presently there are 4 dimensions to my consulting practice.

1. Leadership Lab Facilitation

I have been working with organizations like Amdocs, Kpit cummins, Tieto etc., designing and delivering interventions and programs in the area of Leadership Development, Inspired Creativity, Intense conflict, Mentoring & Coaching. This typically involves working closely with HR or OD teams of our clients to understand specific needs. And then designing & delivering programs or topical interventions that can best address those needs. Ensuring perfection over time with a robust feedback mechanism. Please click here, find more about Leadership Development facilitation practice here

2. Inspired Creativity Labs

These labs are created for enabling people n organizations to temporarily create altered perception of reality using dance, movement, music and other means to find deeper inspiration hidden within each human being. Being an artist and having perfected various spiritual arts, I share a process through which you can become more creative and lead an inspired life. To find more, please click here

3. Life n Executive Coaching

Having worked in the Leadership domain, i would always end up with requests of one-to-one coaching from time to time. So one assignment led to other and have slowly built a fairly moderate size of Life n Executive Coaching practice. So far have coached many Sr. & Mid. level executives from organizations like Tieto, Amdocs, Kpit Cummins etc. Please click here  for more on Coaching

4. Healing the Soul of the organization 

OD consulting using Appreciative Inquiry & Healing wounded Organization Archetype

This we do only for evolved organizations which truely cares for itself and wish to become sustainable, who wish to understand its “Organization Soul.”

It begins by first surfacing the wounds and also surfacing hidden healing n inspirational potential within the complex organization system.

An organization is a complex organism or open system just like an Individual. It has its own past, its own beliefs n values and its own soul. Like an individual is constantly talking to himself, others n universe, an organization also is doing the same. When the perception of any of the 3 is altered an organism goes through healing transformation.

I had been a lover of Carl Jung’s work on Archetypes and Principle of Serendipity so over the years have evolved a way for organizations to identify and heal wounded aspects of itself and come forth as a powerful entity which can find a new meaning n purpose for its own existence.

AI for uncovering & unleashing power of Organization Archetypes – With my experience with companies like GE and many other MNCs, i have discovered that apart from their key values, business model & strategy, what also drives growth of these organization is their Collective Unconscious Organizational Archetype. These have a certain impact on each individual who is directly or indirectly associated with the organization. There is an enormous power folded in the understanding of your organizations archetypes. This process can help business leaders at the helm of the organization take some very critical decisions about direction, organization focus & purifying process of generating value for stakeholders. 


  1. Kathy Drew says:

    Hey Raj, Thanks for sharing your work. Even your site reflects your clarity and simplicity…Just wanted to say thanks for work you did with us…You are still remembered…Warm Regards, from US…

    Look forward to visiting India soon…will surely catch up…

  2. Raj Mali says:

    Dear Kathy,
    Thanks for your kind words. Do call when you visit India. Will surely catch up…

    1. Tory says:

      Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such brliinlat posts.

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