“Playful” Coaching Encounters

What happens during Playful Coaching Encounter Sessions?



  • A unique coaching Process that is inherently designed “Playful”
  • A sustained periodic, one and half to two hour conversation and a dialogue focused around specific predefined or emerging topics
  • A sustained investment of time to explore and identify new alternatives that you can “Play” with
  • A safe and secured space to be yourself and explore challenges and opportunities Being in touch with yourself & exploring as well as integrating hidden facets that can bring forth heightened level of aliveness & effectiveness
  • Small shifts that can have huge positive impact in the long run

Top 5 Coaching areas

  • Therapeutic Coaching sessions especially during transition times whether in relationships, jobs or role changes
  • “Playful” Dating & Relating Sessions for both singles and couples
  •  “Playful” Encounter Apprenticeships We offer 6 month long (Online & Offline) apprenticeship programs for those inspired to become “Red Wisdom Playful Encounter Coach & Associate”
  • “Playful” Group Encounters (Group Coaching sessions for max 6-8 people going through Online and Offline journey for a period of  3 to 6 months)
  • Deep Dialogue Forums – A special process designed for small virtual as well as offline teams to share and reflect together on specific customised topics


  1. Udayaraj K Panicker says:

    Hello Raj,

    I got your reference from one of our professors at S P Jain .
    I work as a sales head for a medium size logistics company based in Mumbai. I am in line for moving up the ladder and am looking for leadership coaching.

    Would like to meet and discuss this further.

    Thank you.

    1. Raj Mali says:

      Hi Udayraj,
      Thanks for reaching out, do connect with me on 1.raj.mali@gmail.com and we can take it forward.
      Thanks 🙂

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