Coaching & Mentoring


What happens during Coaching & Mentoring Sessions?

–       A sustained periodic, one and half to two hour conversation and dialogue focused around specific predefined or emerging topics

–       A sustained investment of time to explore and identify new alternatives

–       A safe and secured space to be yourself and explore challenges and opportunities

–       Being in touch with yourself & exploring & Integrating hidden facets that can bring forth heightened level of effectiveness

–       Small shifts that can have huge positive impact in the long run.

The key focus areas for coaching and mentoring assignments

1. Sustaining peak performance over long stretches

2. Leading with balance of head and heart to design work life balance in a sequential process

3. Relationship Coaching for Couples

4. Mentoring for next level of leadership position

5. Managing stress healthily

6. Leading in turbulent and crisis times

7. Role change and transition

8. Personal value clarification in large organization

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