“That’s Interesting” – Seth Godin

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Last week, I was watching a video on Marie TV. Marie was interviewing Seth Godin. And something he said caught my attention. It’s not path breaking of any sorts, but the timing and the place from which he spoke, spoke to me.

This is exactly what he said.

When there is a disappointment or setback, we can be mindful, we can be present, we can breathe. And we can say…”Aha that’s interesting”

I think it might be quite interesting, if we really begin to wonder more. Rather than cry, crib and complain with each disappointment and setback. Because on the longer journey of lifestyle change, its better to remain curious rather than reach a judgement about oneself or the other…just a little thought…for reflection :))

Focus only on the essentials…

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Top ten Red Wisdom tips for getting more done and getting back to family in time.

1. Cut the crap.

2. Shorten and cut out verbose emails.

3. Keep ppts to 5 slides.

4. Ask questions.

5. Listen more.

6. Play with your kids.

7. Play with your team.

8. Hug generously.

9. Ask what exactly you need.

10. Clarify your needs to yourself first.

Simplify your life. See more. Experience more. Share more. But essentially live your truth.

You got less time than you imagine. Whatever it is, get done with it. Soon.