New Sessions = Therapy + Coaching + Play + Long term mentoring

In last few years, as an individual and also as a professional in Coaching and Mentoring space, I personally went through many changes as well as transitions. To be honest, I realized that coaching and motivation alone doesn’t help beyond a point. I personally went through breakdowns as well as some miraculous breakthroughs.

Last 5 years, were quite tough yet it was a very rewarding journey. I like to believe, I have become richer in experience as well as in self knowledge. I could see my own rough edges and thankfully was surrounded by very authentic and honest friends and family members, who were kind with their honest feedback as well as support. I went through deep losses as well as deep spaces of grieving, loosing as well as overcoming and making peace with “what is”. Some days it felt as if I am in an abyss with no end. And sometimes a simple “creative morning routine” was enough to lift my spirits and get me back to my work.

It introduced me to various “therapy” modalities. Some traditional and some quite new and unheard of. It humbled me as well as taught me to reconstruct myself. Especially, experimenting with various art, play & creative movement therapies. Some of them literally brought me to my knees and down to the present moment, from which I could gather pieces and rebuild myself.

I personally saw the uselessness of “compensatory ambitions” (will write about it in another post) in myself as well as some of those whom I coached and mentored in last few years. The mad pursuit of money and career goals were quite empty in many cases. The realization that simply achieving goals is not enough, we need something more to experience a richer experience of life led to many changes in my personal life, relationships as well as my work, specifically in my sessions.

After supporting many, during last year’s epic pandemic ridden uncertain times, I somehow realized that my sessions with people have changed. Somehow a bit of all that I have learnt and integrated over last decade is now flowing through these sessions seamlessly.

Many of you have been asking about the sessions I do now. The personal “one-to-one” sessions online or over the phone. And all I can say now, that its a creative mix of what I have learnt and integrated in my daily life. Which not only helped me personally but also my clients who have been regular with these sessions. If you want to book a session or know more about what you can gain from those, do reach out by email. My email I’d is

Kindly note, due to the current situation, the sessions slots get filled very fast. So if sometimes we can’t schedule a session immediately and require a few days or weeks time, I would like to urge you to be patient. I do only 4 sessions a day due to some back end work as well as home chores like getting groceries, sometimes cleaning and also tending to my family and my pets.