Leaders one day…

All leaders one day,

sit back and quietly watch what have they created,

what have they left behind

In that they have to face,

they have to confront the truth of the way they led

Then words of the wise

sing true,

i could have been kinder, could have loved more, could have been a better father and a mother…

From the mistakes of those who were led astray

only few see the sun

Only few see the truth

Only few lead with honor and dignity.

But when they lead

World sees them.

As one.

Ones who lead with shining quiet power,

who talk less and do more,

who feel and think as one.

Am here to speak to those,

to listen to those

to engage with those.

Who choose to lead

with the way of balance.

The ultimate.

To the rest,

i entertain n teach few old tricks of the trade.

The wisdom we speak of

is the wisdom that runs through our blood

since ages.

The wisdom remains the same.

Only forms change.

Only forms change.

Wax-On Wax-Off.

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