My two Trans Linguistics based Ebooks are here…Enjoy

As a Transformation Linguistics researcher and practitioner, wanted to create small script books for those who practice Transformational Linguistic in their practice.

Book 1, Be Love is a short 30 page long ebook. Woven with simple inspirational linguistic patterns. And Book 2, Pointers to NowHere is for regular meditators and seekers on the path of Truth, Awakening and Samyakdnyan (wisdom of balance as espoused in Zen teachings). Though both of the books are light hearted and have carefully tried to avoid saying too much.

For those who seek the essence behind words, i recommend to read a little before meditation and also use post meditation for reflection.

Those who enjoy Haikus, would enjoy these subtle twists…

For those who are new to Transformational Linguistics or Multilayered writing, a simple tip is if you read with awareness, each reading will allow you to explore a deeper meaning and insight. Years of work in most concise, format.

Also those who walk the shamanic path, you can use both as “Reflective Reading” during Journey states or also for my Trance Music DJ friends, you can read out to your crowd, when your crowd has entered “the zone”. 🙂

Here are these, my small offering to humanity.

While reading observe, what are you most focused on…finding and correcting spelling mistakes (?)

or learning and applying.

If you just read and contemplate, you may get lovely insights, but if you read and reread n apply, you might find the doorway to finding yourself, your way…your own way.

Do play & experiment with both the books.

Answer to many questions asked in book 1 are either answered or given hints about in book 2 and vice versa.

Be love Amazon book cover

pointers to NowHere

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