Creative, Playful Coaching

SO…What do you wanna do? :)

I mean…really. What do you want to do?

Just checking…

What do you want to create now? What inspired you lately? Any new idea you want to play with and explore? What are you noticing around you?

I know there is fear and uncertainty all around us. And our reptilian brain at times is scaring us more as we hear the news and watch the madness unfolding all around us.

Have you noticed that there is a lot of good happening around us too?

Yes its a churning time for all of us. As humans we are facing something together all over the planet. While the Corona scares are doing rounds, its amazing to see how the protests all over the world, telling the powers that be, enough is enough.

We are living through a deep transformation time.

And questions will be asked by our next generations. What did you do?

What would be our answer? May be it hides behind what we do now.

So back to the question. “What do you really really really want to do?”