A. Leadership Labs : Duration 2 to 4 days customised interventions for Sr. Leadership and Middle Leadership layers of organization. These labs are highly customised and are mostly focused on Themes of Global Leadership Styles, Sharpening the Leadership Acumen, Authentic Non Violent Feedback, Mentoring, Creating self sustaining teams, Conflict Resolution etc

B. Building Leader’s Presence : This 1 day lab focuses on working on the presence that a leader brings forth while communicating his team members, fellow leaders and customers. This is designed with Dramatics, Dancing, Drumming and Dialoguing tools. One of our most successful program appreciated by the cross section of customers in different industries as well

C. The art of Peaceful Warriors – Negotiating Win-Win deals : This 2 day lab is designed for those who have to sustain the pressures of deals which can make or break fortunes at times. The framework is based on ancient leadership wisdom triangle based on Taoist, Indian and Native American leadership wisdom paths. Also offered for new leaders or emerging leaders.

D. Resolving and Facilitating Live Conflicts 

This is a niche are of work that we love to do. These are 2 to 3 day dialogue labs where Sr. Management teams from both warring factions sit together and work through win-win partnership.


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